Nelly & Gaz – Wedding

Nelly & Gaz’s wedding was somewhat different to the norm. To start with, they were flying over from Australia to get married in St Huberts in Idsworth then on to their reception at The Red Lion in Charlton.┬áThis, of course, meant I wouldn’t be able to meet them both until the day. Not knowing what to expect, I knocked on Nelly’s door at The Hampshire Hog only to be greeted by a room full…of Oz! We had a great time. Everyone was so relaxed and having such a good time, nobody really noticed the rain (it means a long lasting marriage anyway). I was made to feel like a true guest and welcomed in as a friend of the family. Good luck for the future guys. If you ever need Kit-Kats, just shout and i’ll send some over!

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Portsmouth wedding

Hampshire photographer

Portsmouth Wedding Photographer

St Huberts Wedding

Portsmouth wedding

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Wedding at St Huberts

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