Nikita & Jonathan Wedding – St Mary’s / Southsea Castle

Nikita and Jonathan. Married in St Mary’s Church, Portsmouth. There aren’t that many places on the island that have as much of a sense of grandeur as St Mary’s. It’s truly a sight to behold inside. With a reception at Southsea Castle you instantly have the makings of a great day. Now, my job can face it’s challenges every so often. There’s just so many variables. So many things to cover. Of course I try to make sure I’ve covered everything, backups, backups of backups…One thing I can’t control is the health of the happy couple. Let’s just say half of the most important people on the day weren’t 100%. Luckily things all turned out fine by the evening and the party still went ahead.

Southsea Wedding Photographer

St Mary's Church Portsmouth

Southsea Castle Photographer

Portsmouth Wedding Photographer

Portsmouth wedding venue

Portsmouth wedding photography First dance


Southsea castle wedding

Wedding dance

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