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The Wedding of Becky & Ash – Southend Barns

Sometimes i’ll turn up for the pre-wedding preparation and within two minutes, know the vibe for the rest of the day. Becky and Ash’s wedding at Southend Barns was a day filled with fun. Possibly due to how close the guys were, definitely due to a certain joker in the pack. Beautiful venue, wild groomsmen coupled with friends made from a wedding of old, all contributed to making their day a blast. Here’s a select few starting with the guys getting ready for a change!


Ash and Beck-9

Ash and Beck-1

Ash and Beck-5

Ash and Beck-2

Ash and Beck-19

Ash and Beck-11

Ash and Beck-15

Ash and Beck-17

Ash and Beck-16

Ash and Beck-18

Ash and Beck-21

Ash and Beck-24

Ash and Beck-23

Ash and Beck-25

Ash and Beck-29

Ash and Beck-30

Ash and Beck-27

Ash and Beck-32

Ash and Beck-31

Ash and Beck-33

Ash and Beck-34

Ash and Beck-37

Ash and Beck-39

Ash and Beck-40

Ash and Beck-43

Ash and Beck-45

Ash and Beck-48

Ash and Beck-52

Ash and Beck-56

Ash and Beck-58

Ash and Beck-60

Ash and Beck-62

Ash and Beck-61

Ash and Beck-65

Ash and Beck-68

Ash and Beck-70

Ash and Beck-74

Ash and Beck-75

Ash and Beck-78

Ash and Beck-79

Ash and Beck-80

Ash and Beck-88

Ash and Beck-87

Ash and Beck-89


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Ellie and Dan – A Northbrook Park Wedding

I’ve been neglecting the blog for a while due to, well, life happening really. What a better way to return than to post up some shots from Ellie and Dan’s wedding at Northbrook Park? After all, it’s not often you share a venue with Peacocks. Here are a select few shots from their day.

Northbrook Park

Wedding makeup

Wedding preparation






























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Wedding – Emma and Fran

I was lucky to be invited to shoot Emma and Fran’s wedding at The Royal Agricultural University in the Cotswolds. Beautiful weather, amazing friends and a chance landing by royalty in the field right next to the drinks reception. Even with a shouty pilot and shady security services, we still managed a shot in front of the helicopter. Here’s a small selection of shots from a truly great day.

Wedding web EF-4Wedding web EF-24Wedding web EF-21Wedding web EF-6Wedding web EF-23Wedding web EF-28Wedding web EF-29Wedding web EF-36Wedding web EF-34Wedding web EF-35Wedding web EF-33Wedding web EF-37Wedding web EF-38Wedding web EF-41Wedding web EF-43Wedding web EF-45Wedding web EF-48Wedding web EF-49Wedding web EF-51Wedding web EF-68Wedding web EF-58Wedding web EF-56Wedding web EF-63Wedding web EF-69Wedding web EF-73Wedding web EF-78Wedding web EF-76Wedding web EF-80Wedding web EF-77Wedding web EF-81Wedding web EF-64Wedding web EF-96Wedding web EF-89Wedding web EF-95Wedding web EF-93Wedding web EF-90Wedding web EF-94Wedding web EF-98

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Skylark Wedding – Kerrey and John

Kerrey and John chose a great venue in Skylark Golf and Country Club. A lovely barn for the ceremony followed by an intimate wedding breakfast in a room overlooking the course. There should be more weddings at golf courses. Any excuse to take the golf buggies out! I had such a great time shooting Kerrey and the family during her bridal preparation, I lost track of the day and was made to truly feel like another member of the family. Thanks guys. Here’s a few shots from the day.

Skylark weddingWedding web KJ-2Wedding web KJ-3Wedding web KJ-4Wedding web KJ-5Wedding web KJ-9Wedding web KJ-6Wedding web KJ-8Wedding web KJ-12Wedding web KJ-13Wedding web KJ-14Wedding web KJ-15Wedding web KJ-19Wedding web KJ-20Wedding web KJ-21Wedding web KJ-22Wedding web KJ-17Wedding web KJ-23Wedding web KJ-24Wedding web KJ-25Wedding web KJ-26Wedding web KJ-28Wedding web KJ-29Wedding web KJ-30Wedding web KJ-32Wedding web KJ-35Wedding web KJ-36Wedding web KJ-37Wedding web KJ-38Wedding web KJ-38bWedding web KJ-39Wedding web KJ-40Wedding web KJ-42Wedding web KJ-43Wedding web KJ-44Wedding web KJ-45Wedding web KJ-46Wedding web KJ-47Wedding web KJ-48Wedding web KJ-49Wedding web KJ-50Wedding web KJ-52Wedding web KJ-51Wedding web KJ-53Wedding web KJ-54Wedding web KJ-56Wedding web KJ-56bWedding web KJ-58Wedding web KJ-59Wedding web KJ-60

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Jodie and Ali – Wedding at Tithe Barn

I always think the guys get a bum deal when it comes to the big day. I mean photography wise, of course! The bridal preparation makes for some amazing shots but they guys can be a lot of fun too…which helps LOADS when you’re trying to capture the day. Here’s a few shots from Jodie and Ali’s wedding at Tithe Barn. I recommend the venue as one of the true greats of the area. The surroundings are beautiful and the staff can’t do enough to help. Queue photos. Chap heavy.

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-4

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-3

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-1

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-5

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-6

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-7

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-8

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-10

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-11

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-13

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-14

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-15

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-16

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-18

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-20

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-21

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-22

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-23

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-24

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-28

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-29

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-31

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-32

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-33

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-34

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-35

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-37

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-39

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-40

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-36

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-41

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-42

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-44

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-46

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-48

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-49

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-50

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-51

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-52

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-53

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-54

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-58

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-60

Jodie and Ali - Tithe Barn-62

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