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Wedding – Kayleigh & Brian

I had the pleasure of shooting Kayleigh & Brians wedding at St Swithuns church, Southsea recently. Followed by a lovely reception at The Langstone on Hayling Island. I always tell couples they can’t go wrong with The Langstone, especially if they get Franco to take care of their day. These guys got Franco…Needless to say, their day went smoothly! I was welcomed in with open arms and made to feel like a proper guest. I thank you guys for allowing me to be part of your wedding and for allowing me the freedom to try something new. All the best for the future!

wedding-kayleigh-brian Cover

girl with his phone

mother with his kid

bride's smile

hello handsome

hair pose


bride ready for dressing

bride's smile pose

with dark filter


smile with makeup artist

focus pose

hair style pose

see in minor


bride's side pose


Wedding - Kayleigh-34

Wedding - Kayleigh-34a

Wedding - Kayleigh-42

Wedding - Kayleigh-43

Wedding - Kayleigh-43a

Wedding - Kayleigh-44

Wedding - Kayleigh-45

Wedding - Kayleigh-47

Wedding - Kayleigh-49

Wedding - Kayleigh-52

Wedding - Kayleigh-53

Wedding - Kayleigh-57

Wedding - Kayleigh-60

Wedding - Kayleigh-59

Wedding - Kayleigh-64

Wedding - Kayleigh-65

Wedding - Kayleigh-67

Wedding - Kayleigh-67a

Wedding - Kayleigh-72

Wedding - Kayleigh-73

Wedding - Kayleigh-79

Wedding - Kayleigh-78

Wedding - Kayleigh-82

Wedding - Kayleigh-83

Wedding - Kayleigh-85

Wedding - Kayleigh-88

Wedding - Kayleigh-89

Wedding - Kayleigh-90

Wedding - Kayleigh-92

Wedding - Kayleigh-41

Wedding - Kayleigh-46

Wedding - Kayleigh-77

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