Portsmouth wedding photographer


A wedding is a wonderfully beautiful, once in a lifetime event that could be the most important day of your life. My aim is to tell a beautiful story of your day, as close to how it actually happened without missing a moment. I will take this story and create a set of stunning memories that you will cherish forever.


I try to keep my style undefined, as every wedding is different, every moment is different so your story will reflect you and your day. My working method is similar to documentary journalism with a sprinkling of fine art. It’s your day, so it’s much better if the photographer is unobtrusive and allows you and your guests to get on with enjoying the most of the time you have together. After all, the best pictures are when people are genuinely having fun and not feeling like they need to pose for the camera.


I take a laid back approach, and wont set-up the day, but try my best to capture both the big and the little moments. Time is tight so the only staged shots I’ll create are your formal group shots. I don’t want you to feel any pressure due to relentless demands, I want your day to be perfect, for you to enjoy it and the result will be fantastic photographs.


I’m discreet and I travel light. I’ll have backups of everything with me on the day but you’ll only ever see me moving around with camera in hand and a bag on my shoulder. I’ll do my best to blend in to the background and keep my influence to a minimum.


This is true documentary wedding photography with my sole aim to beautifully show off your wedding day with images you will cherish.